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This week I had the pleasure to interview Matisyahu Goren, founder of The Long Short Way Podcast and expert on website sales funnels. Here are the main takeaways from this week’s podcast.

1. Live with passion and without intensity

Living with passion means flowing from moment to moment without an emotional attachment to an outcome. Passion is moving past setbacks without negativity or blame.

Intensity means making your human experience or your self-worth dependent on your accomplishments. When you are intense, you often berate yourself during setbacks and cannot give yourself the permission to be a flawed human being.

The more intensity you have about success, the less success you will find.

The key is to break your emotional attachment to outcomes and fully engage in your life’s journey. When you start to enjoy the moment without obsessing over the outcome, you will be surprised to find greater results.

2. Understand “For what?” and “For who?”

Who are you serving today? For what do you make your life’s purpose? Living your life only for yourself is not enough to carry you through the inevitable struggles along your journey.

Having your work and your life’s mission be in service to someone other than yourself will motivate you to chase after success with a much greater intensity.

Find out for what you’re serving and for who. Then write it down. Read it morning and night.

Etch your mission statement into your subconsciousness to achieve clarity and focus

3. Make for yourself a mentor

If you want to do anything in life, just know that someone out there has tried it already and has the knowledge to jumpstart your learning curve. Get yourself a mentor if you want to experience faster growth.

However, no one is going to offer to be your mentor. It’s up to you to sell your story and convince someone to take you under their wing. Most important of all, you need to be someone who’s ready to be mentored.

Are you ready to take advice and listen? Are you ready to do anything it takes to attract high performing individuals into your life and to give you their time?

Everyone loves sharing and everyone loves to help, but it’s first up to you to sell yourself.

To learn more about Matisyahu check out his website and podcast here. 

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