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This week we are joined by Connor Cranston, a marine combat veteran and high performance coach. Here is what you can learn from this week’s podcast.

  1. Take time to invest in yourself

You are your own greatest resource. Whether it’s in health, wealth, or relationships, improving your life by just 0.5% every day can result in transformative changes.

It’s important to focus on changing one habit at a time. Trying to adopt too many routines increases your chances of succeeding at none.

Use 30 day challenges as a way to motivate yourself to keep going.

  1. As an entrepreneur, prepare to make sacrifices

You’ll have a lot less leisure time when you’re building businesses and managing your health.

Be aware of the tradeoffs.

Any time spent on play will give you less time for sleep or self-development. Be prepared to sacrifice in areas that your friends and family may not have to.

  1. Develop a mindset that’s ready to find success

Success comes with challenges that you’ll have to face along the way. That’s why many of us are afraid of success.

It’s important to stay grateful for the progress you’ve already made and believe in your ability to continue forth.

When you have a mindset that welcomes success, opportunities will inevitably find you.

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